Charitable Events

Our inaugural event for 2013 was a huge success.  Our team at Agatucci’s Frozen worked with the Children’s Hospital of Illinois located in Peoria.  In November of 2013, Agatucci’s Frozen had a 2 week event in which 25 cents from each pizza was donated  back to the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.  100% of the dollars raised by Agatucci’s Frozen sales stays at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

This is why we do help raise awareness and money at Agatucci’s Frozen!  Read below about Payton


Payton was a very active 8-year-old boy when he fell into a diabetic coma in August 2011. He thankfully awoke without any major complications except for the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.  The Pediatric Diabetes Resource Center helped educate Payton and his family about living with Diabetes and continues to assist them today. Payton is now in 5th grade and enjoys football, baseball, and wrestling.

The Pediatric Diabetes Resource Center (PDRC): Staffed by Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, and Licensed Social Workers. Many of the staff are Certified Diabetes Educators. They specialize in working with children with diabetes and their families. Their multidisciplinary team approach provides the educational, developmental and emotional support needed to manage diabetes. They work together with our pediatric endocrinologists to develop a diabetes self-management plan to meet your individual needs, lifestyle, and preferences.

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